Planning – Day 1

Last night I officially started planning out the cities I want to visit and the exciting daunting four months of living in hostels and bunk beds, there really isn’t enough time for my wanderlust to feel fully and completely satisfied.

With a large atlas, flimsy black spiral back notebook, pen and an over-sized cat, I spent a few hours browsing the atlas like some shopping catalogue.

As a kid I spent hours just flipping through atlases or staring at the world map in my sister’s room. I always liked to measure how far cities and countries were with my abnormally small fingers and compare it to the actual scale of distance these places were from each other. There was that classic game of spinning the globe or closing your eyes on a map and point to a place and that was the next place you were going to travel. I unfortunately did not point to all these countries but made conscious decisions on why I want to visit them.

It’s funny how a part of me wants to go to extremely different places where tourism isn’t popular and English is likely not a common language spoken. But, despite my impulsive ambitious travel dreams, I wanted to go to countries where many have travelled to so even then I can create more connections with people who have visited the countries I will be going to.

I plan on writing and reading a lot when I do travel. I imagine I will spend many hours on planes, boats, and trains with minimal access to wifi. To be able to unplug even that much more than I would during my “regular” life is something I am extremely looking forward to.

This post was more of an intro, first time, let’s see how this blog is going to look like. I will be writing every time I do something related to my travels beforehand and eventually try to post every day once I am out in this wild wild world.



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