Planning – Day ???

Song/Artist on Repeat – Aretha Franklin (RIP my queen)
Current Book – The Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway
Thought of the time – Is by giving meaning to items the only way to measure worthiness?

What? Where? How?

I lost track of how many days it has been since my last planning stage. I could count back on the calendar but that requires effort I don’t have right now.

My summer work finishes up next Tuesday but it has been 2 months of working for an international ELL (new-ESL) program with 140 children. My energy level has been very maxed out to my work and the remaining for the actual planning. So, my promise to myself to blog every day has not been as successful, but hopefully once I am travelling, there is much more content to write about!

2018-08-10 20:23:28.950
Past 5 weeks after work routine – lie on the couch until appropriate sleeping hour comes.

All my planes, hotels, hostels have been booked for Europe and this is the final itinerary.

Countries Visiting: France, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Morocco & Portugal

Solo Travelling

September 1-7 = Paris, France
September 4 = Bruges, Brussels
September 7-9 = Amsterdam, Netherlands
September 9-11 = Heidelberg, Germany
September 11-13 = Geneva, Switzerland
September 13-15 = Nice, France


September 15-18 = Madrid, Spain
September 18-20 = Granada, Spain
September 20-22 = Fez, Morocco
September 22-24 = Marrakesh, Morocco
September 24-25 = Tangler, Morocco
September 25-27 = Seville, Spain
September 27-29 = Lisbon, Portugal
September 29- October 1 = Madrid, Spain

Talk about moving around a lot hey? Coffee will make sure that this won’t be a huge blur, and another way to keep track of everything going on – this blog!

Packing…the start to it…

My mother was telling me to make sure to pack a hat. I don’t like hats. Like you will rarely catch me wearing anything on my head because I get really bad headaches. But if Europe is going to be in the 30s, I should probably take one. Even if it’s to stop the nagging (lovingly).

I’m not huge on sports. Never was, I never grew up with it. So with the amazing brand marketing New York Yankees have successfully overcome in the last few decades, I have one baseball cap with their logo. But where else is more loved in the world, right now, than the great United States of America?

So even if the Blue Jays isn’t the recording winning team of the MLB, it screams that I’m Canadian. And apparently, Europeans adore Canadians (?). Correct me if I am wrong, but I would rather BS about how great maple syrup tastes, oggle over how cute our Prime Minister is and gossip about American politics than be asked what the hell is wrong with my president #notmypresident.

There is a lot of actual shopping and preparation I need to do before the actual packing. Since I’m taking a hiking backpack and have to keep everything within 23kg, my over-packing personality needs to take a step back. What if I want to wear this? What if I’ll miss this?? I want to be comfortable but I don’t want to have pennies thrown at me if I’m sitting briefly on the sidewalk tying my shoe because I’m mistaken for a homeless person.

Within the next few days, I’ll be posting more detailed blog posts on what exactly I’m packing, how many times I have told myself I don’t need the 5th dress and maybe some more random, non-travel related, personal posts.

Till then – x




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