Procrastinative Thoughts

Song/Artist on Repeat – Born to Run – Bruce Springsteen 
Current Book – The Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway
Thought of the time – Why are we so addicted to toxic tendencies (e.g. social media) that inevitably makes us unhappy?

Amidst packing and making small prayers in between checked-bag weigh-in’s; hoping it is under 20kg, I have been reconnecting to things that I have long neglected.

I have been scrolling through my tumblr feed, looking at pretty, perfectly placed candid shots and political memes. Occasionally there are some astrology posts that appear. It seems like the world wants me to seek validation from very scientifically proven way of defining one self. However, one post has been lingering around with me for a while. Apparently Sagittarius’s are supposed to use art and music as their form of therapy and expression. And I admit, that’s pretty damn accurate.

I’m wondering why it took me so long to get back in to it. I took art lessons when I was younger and I remember enjoying it. But I think with my obsession to be focused on what gains most money and credential appreciation while I was growing up, I completely neglected things that actually let me be happy.

I’m not very good. I don’t think I’m a gifted artist where once I die, my paintings and drawings will be found in a garbage bin and then be hung at the Louvre as the new form of impressionist or realist painting. But making art forces me to come to terms with something I am very uncomfortable with.


And when I say “making art” I include drawing, painting, photography, and writing.

Having to make a commitment to the pencil, camera or paintbrush and what it creates forces me to accept that the outcome may seem permanent, but it doesn’t mean I can’t flip the other page and start over.

I can add meanings, see what I created in ways only I can. It may seem selfish and the opposite of what art should be. But, art, as mystical and answerless as it is, has no rules, has no boundaries, has nothing to owe. It’s the subjective’s power to see what they want to see. And that kind of freedom is something we all crave.

The famous works exert emotions. I mean, if you think about it, how incredible is that? From an inanimate object, people feel similar emotions from the canvas as if it was telling them that this is what it stands for. How can colours, brush strokes, and replicas of reality have such a long-term affect and price to us human beings?

We are mimicking what we see, maybe it’s our way of escaping reality without having gone too far from what we’re comfortable with.

I have a thing for gradience, water, and suns. Oh, and fuzzy socks.

With work having been finished, I have had some time to reflect my days without having much structure. Surprisingly with all the preparation I have to do for Europe, my days have been flying by. It also doesn’t help I have been sleeping on average, 11 hours a night.

My dear friend Jess and I having a cross fire of photo-taking


Only 4 days to go? Still sitting at my desk not really realizing that I will be leaving in 4 days. Almost 3 now but my hiking backpack still isn’t fully packed yet.

Not surprised as an extensive pro-procrastinator, this is expected to have become when it comes to packing for a trip.


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