Hiatus – relieved.

Hello lovely people! Quick hello and just to say I didn't give up or abandon this little blog. I have been away on a magical trip to South America for the last multiple weeks and with the limited access to wifi, I took a break from blogging and really immersed myself in the moment. I … Continue reading Hiatus – relieved.

Nice & Èze

 Song of the Post Love is a Losing Game - Amy Winehouse Nice & Èze, France Èze Beach bumming, night out Èze I flew from Genève to Nice and arrived around 11am. Because check-in wasn't till 2pm at my hostel, I dropped off my bags and headed out for a quick trip to Èze. 2 … Continue reading Nice & Èze


Song of the Post Bridge Over Troubled Water - Aretha Franklin Heidelberg, Germany Old Bridge Marktplatz Heidelberg Castle Königstuhl I settled into Heidelberg, Germany. Probably one of the cutest places I have seen! The hostel is an old house turned into a hostel but it is so homey and cute and absolutely beautiful in the … Continue reading Heidelberg