Who, me?

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Hello friends!

Welcome to my blog. For September-December, this will mainly be a travel blog with some creative/personal content I will be creating during my travels.

I started this blog to keep track of my adventures and also let people live vicariously through me. I am fortunate enough to be able to have these months and the means to explore the world and most importantly, give myself the freedom to be part of something greater than my day-to-day life.

About me

22 years of falling head first on to floors, eating toothpaste, becoming a sun baby, drinking gin & tonic like no tomorrow, embodying music and writing my thoughts away.

An immigrant from Seoul, South Korea to Victoria, Canada and raised among privilege with double minority status. I graduated with a BA in Sociology from University of Western Ontario which has caused me to enhance my passion for discussing and criticizing social theory and issues. Catch me on the flippidy-flip where hopefully I am fully immersed in a journalism-based career. Looking forward to getting my hands dirty, live on the ground with where humanity is at it’s best and worst.

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A slight addiction to breakfast potatoes have caused me to end up in the frozen food aisle at a No Frills

“Are you actually a nomad?” Asked no one

I’m not. But literally as my domain name states, I do have a nomad soul. I have yet to find a place where I feel at home completely. Home can be a place, a state of being, emotion or anything that brings consistency and stability to my life. I wrote this on a plane from London ON to Victoria because budget planes give you plenty of time to do everything but indulge in the in-flight media system. Thanks Air Canada Rouge.

I describe myself with having a nomad soul. It doesn’t belong anywhere but wanders place to place, wanting to learn, wanting to be free, wanting to be everything it expects it to be in the moment.

I do hope this soul of mine can find a place to call home. A tall roof to house the elastic and impulsive habits. Soft coloured walls to bring in and comfort it from the world’s atrocities and pain.

Maybe my soul is not supposed to be tied with another. Maybe it can only be held with many – creating a web of infinitely unique connections.

Final Thoughts

I hope you can find some joy or anything from my blog. It’s a project I am excited to focus on and hopefully I am able to share wisdom, knowledge, craft beer recommendations, creativity, warmth or whatever you are looking for.

I can’t be everything but I can be something. And hopefully this is the web-map of who I am going to be. If you read this far, I’m sure you’ll be part of this weird, fast, unpredictable, horrifying but incredible journey.